Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges services offered in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Crowns and bridges are among the most popular cosmetic and restorative dental options. These versatile treatments are available from William Ginzburg, DDS, of Sunset Smile Dental in Sunset Plaza, located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. When you’re ready to learn more about crowns and bridges, call or click to schedule your visit.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of restoration that completely covers all visible surfaces of your natural tooth tissue. Crowns are a very versatile treatment, which is part of why they are so popular. 


Some of the uses for a dental crown include:

  • Protecting a worn down tooth
  • Strengthening a cracked or broken tooth
  • Correcting a misshapen tooth
  • Improving discoloration
  • Completing a root canal

Dental crowns are also the visible portion of a dental implant and serve to anchor dental bridges. Sunset Smile Dental offers nonmetal dental crowns, which create a beautiful and natural-looking restoration.


What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is an affixed device that replaces one or more missing teeth. A bridge, also sometimes called bridgework, consists of one or more crowns attached to a framework of metal or plastic.


The device is held in place by a dental crown on either side. A bridge prevents your adjacent teeth from shifting out of position, which prevents your bite from becoming destabilized. It allows you to eat a wider variety of foods, and if your speech has been affected by missing teeth, it’s possible to regain your previous speech patterns.  


What is the process for getting crowns and bridges?

The initial step involves advanced imaging to learn more about your tooth and bone structure. If a crown or bridge is the right fit for your needs, a numbing injection ensures you won’t feel pain during your next visit. 


Once you’re numb, the dentist prepares the tooth to make room for the crown. A set of impressions are made to guide the fabrication of the crown, and a temporary crown is secured in place while your permanent crown is being crafted. 

Once your crown is ready, you return to have it checked for appearance and fit before being cemented into place, which completes the restoration. 

In the case of a dental bridge, two crowns are placed, and the bridge is secured at the time the permanent crowns are installed. Your dentist checks your crowns and bridgework during all subsequent dental exams. 

If you’d like more information about dental crowns or bridges, call the office to book a visit. Online scheduling is also an option and is fast and easy.